Bose Revolve + Randomly Turning on (Still on Windows)

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Bose Revolve + Randomly Turning on (Still on Windows)

Hello dear bose family,


Before I start, let's all remember the horrible 1.3 firmware update. The one that keeps revolve plus turned on (every five seconds after you turned that thing off, it will go on).


Anyways, I did not update my product for quite some time, yesterday I was unfornuate enough to do it ( it was 1.2 and the current one is 1.5).


Then the same problem 1.3 causes happened, it won't go off because this remote feature trying to turn it on I assume.


I checked one of the solutions, the most valid one was updating product back to 1.2, however, only 1.5 comes up in advanced mode. Either I am doing something wrong or the older firmware versions are not avaible anymore?


Ps. I usually use my revolve with my laptop. After couple of tries I realized that my laptop's bluetooth causes the problem but the remote feature is only comes with the app, which means that only my phone can able to do such error, but instead my laptop does.


I can remotely turn it on with my phone, have no problems. But for turning it off completly I have turn off my laptop's bluetooth as well.


Ps.2 : Resetting the device won't solve anything.


Waiting for your solutions.

iPhone: iOS 11.4.1

Laptop: Windows 10

Revolve Firmware 1.5




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Re: Bose Revolve + Randomly Turning on (Still on Windows)

I don't work for Bose but have two Revolves and have seen your symptoms in the past but not recently.  I am told by Bose it has something to do with the way the Revolve implements Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  As I understand it, when you hit the power button on the revolve, it doesn't turn it off.  It puts it into an 'off state' but it still has power (hence 'low energy').  So off is not off - it's just a different state with different (somewhat less) functionality.  So even in its 'off state' which is not off ( Smiley Happy ), it can turn itself on undert certain conditions.  What I don't understand yet is whether Bose believe's it has implemented BLE in the Revolve in a way that requires changing or is it designed the way they intended.  So we don't yet know if they plan on changing the behavior (since we don't know if they think it is a bug).  By the way, can install an app on your phone (most are free) to check for BLE Signals.  I use "BLE Scanner".  It will probably show you it can find your Revolve through its BLE signal even when you powered it off.

So here is what I know as of now for my Revolves - sometimes (but not recently) powering on my Dell laptop will cause my Revolve to turn on and since I hear it when that happens, I can turn it off immediately (not happy about it , but....).  I also know that some months back, Bose stopped letting customers regress their firmware.  So you can not go backwards anymore.  And as far as I know, the only current workaround is to unpair your Revolve from your laptop when you are not using it.

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Re: Bose Revolve + Randomly Turning on (Still on Windows)

hi i have same problem do you think that the blue tooth low energy is bad for your health , i used the ble scanner and i walked quite a way outside my house and it still, picked up the revolve speaker, so even when it is turned off i cannot escape the bluetooth radiation.