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Sep 18, 2018

Bose Soundlink Revolve sound cracking

Ok, so I bought my Bose Soundlink Revolve after reading many reviews and watching different reviews on Youtube, thinking that it definitely was the best portable bluetooth speaker. I have it for one day only and it it already has some issues... The problem is (after reading posts here I see that is is a common problem for this type of Bose products) that the sound is constantly cracking and the louder You listen, the worse the cracking sound is! (It is very similar to the sound when someone unplugs aux on big speakers). I read all the posts and tried unpairing device, then pairing it again, which did not work. Tried turning of voice control in Bose app - did not work. Tried changing devices (use it on my phone (android if that makes difference) - also did not work! The software is the latest on speaker (it updated itself as soon as I plugged it in). I cannot change my wifi routers frequency to 5 ghz, it supports 2.4 ghz only. I do not have any aux cable to test it here, but as I have never intended using it via AUX, see no point doing another test.


However, I noticed that if You use speaker on mobile phone on cellular data, there is no sound cracking. It could be solution, but would work with mobile phone only. And if speaker cost 20 bucks, not 200, I would not mind doing it, but now why shall I use mobile data (which costs actually), when I have wifi at home? I have other bluetooth speaker (Samsung) which works perfectly and has no issues with my phone - but after using this I really feel being tricked by your marketing...


UPDATE: the sound seems to have no issues when connected to my laptop on wifi. It works perfectly on any app. However, the problem when the phone is on wifi is still there (tried different wifi networks). Will update after pairing it to other phone on wifi.


Re: Bose Soundlink Revolve sound cracking

Hi Rocking,


Thanks for posting. You have provided a lot of detail, thanks for that. Could we try something?


  • Could you please try playing music, via Bluetooth, locally stored on your phone to see if the issue is only with streaming music?
  • Would it be possible for you to try another mobile device connected to your WIFI to see if the issue is related to the phone?

Please let us know what you find.




Tony G - Community Support