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Nov 1, 2018

Can I make the volume manual on my soundlink II?

Hi! I listen to ASMR to fall asleep, and my little bookshelf soundlink is perfect for it. The only problem is that I play it on my phone. I need the volume on my phone all the way up for my alarm, at which time the video will have ended long ago and the speaker disconnects(?) So I am basically being forced to listen to it a bit too loudly so that I can hear my alarm in the AM. Any solutions to making the speaker volume adjustment manual? Or to keep it synced? If only it weren’t 2018...

Re: Can I make the volume manual on my soundlink II?

Hello Jpcwft,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. The SoundLink II's volume should be independent of the phone's volume, meaning you can set the volume of your phone and then change it on the speaker without it changing the volume of the phone itself. With late speakers that have HFP the volume is linked between the two. We hope this helps, thanks for asking and have a great day. 

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