Can't Connect To PC

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Can't Connect To PC

I am using the Bose Micro Soundlink and when I try to connect it to my Windows 10, the device shows as paired but I can't connect to it. It gets under "Other Devices" and there is only a remove device option and no connect. The Bose already says "ready to pair" but I can't really connect it to my PC. Is there a solutionScreenshot 2019-04-09 20.12.30.png


Re: Can't Connect To PC

Hello Phrzn,


Thanks for posting in the community, I would recommend a few simple troubleshooting steps that will hopefully fix this issue for you, please try the steps listed below.


Close and re-open the Bose app. The method of closing an app varies by device and operating system.

  • On iOS devices, double-tap the home button to view running apps, swipe left or right to find the app, then swipe up on the app to close it.
  • On Android devices, press and hold app icon, select app info then select Force Stop.


To reset the speaker, follow these steps:

• Power on your speaker.

• Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds until the Bluetooth indicator glows blue and you hear a voice prompt to select a language.


Let me know how you get on, have a great day!


Kindest regards,

Zoe_C -Community Support 


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Re: Can't Connect To PC

I can connect it perfectly on my iPhone and Ipad. I already turned off all the Bluetooth from all my other devices so it could not have connected to anything else. I swiped out the Bose Connect on all my devices. My computer still shows the exact same thing and I can't connect.


Re: Can't Connect To PC

Hi Phrzn, 


Thanks for posting and updating us on this. I have a few questions I would like to ask so I can better understand your issue:


  • Have you attempted to forget the device and then reconnect to it? 
  • Have you attempted to reset the computer?


I would also highly recommend taking a look at this thread here.


Kind Regards, 

Hector B - Community Support


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Re: Can't Connect To PC

@PhrznBose has told me to NEVER connect or pair with any device that starts with "LE".  That is the name of the device that Bose uses when the device is turned off but still communicating in Bluetooth (BT) Low Energy (BLE) mode.  Devices in that mode have very little functionality.  For example, Bose uses BLE to allow Bose Connect to turn its BT devices on and off, pair them, and put some into PARTY mode.   If you only see an LE device, wait for the one without LE to show up.  If it doesn't perhaps turning the Bose device off and on and starting again might help.


p.s. - at this point, unpair from both ends, reinitialize your Bose device to factory settings and start again.