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Feb 4, 2019

My SoundLink Revolve + will not power off and stay off. Keeps being "Ready to connect"

I can not get my speaker to stay off. I have disconnected all Bluetooth devices, even had my source devices (Laptop, Phone, etc.) all Disconnect and Forget the Device (Speaker.) The Bose speaker keeps announcing "Ready to connect" ever so many seconds. I press the power button and hope it stays off, and sure enough its telling me its ready to connect again. Unless its unplugged and the battery drains it will not stay powered down.

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: My SoundLink Revolve + will not power off and stay off. Keeps being "Ready to connect"

I don't work for Bose, but here is my take on this:


1. First Of All, the Revolve never turns off - that is, "On" is a state and "Off" is a state but it is using power all the time, just less power in "Off" state.  This is the implementation by Bose of the part of Bluetooth called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  You can actually see it for yourself by downloading an app on your phone to find BLE devices.  On my iPhone I downloaded the free app, "BLE Scanner".  So when it is in the OFF state, the Revolve is still putting out a BLE signal to other devices.  This, for example, allows it to be turned on by the Bose Connect app and for it to be put into party mode from Bose Connect as well.  This also allows it on some Windows machines to be powered into the "ON" state (full function) when the paired laptop is turned on (on some but not all windows machines).  This BLE signal is specific to the Bose implementation of Bluetooth on the Revolve.  Not all Bose devices put out a BLE signal in the "Off" state - for example my QC35ii headphones and my Soundsport wired, do not.

2. I am personally not sure why your situation is happening.  It is obviously not paired and so I am not sure how it is going by itself into the "ready to connect" state.  I have two Revolves (though they are not +'s - perhaps that makes a difference) and I did a factory reset - you do that by holding down the power (top) button for at least 10 seconds.  Then it will ask you to tap the multifunction button on the bottom to select English.  I did that and insured it was in the "off" state.  From that point, it just stayed in the OFF state and did not do what you described.

If you can't make the situation go away as above, see if turning off bluetooth on all your devices helps.  Keep in mind (and you can check this out with your BLE app) that it can be picked up by another BT device at quite a distance - maybe 30 or 40 feet?  In other words, if you phone can detect its BLE signal, so can other BT devices.

So if you can't get it to stop either (1) it has something to do with the Revolve+ that I can not duplicate with my Revolve or (2) it is something very specific to your particular Revolve+.

And remember that even when you get it to stay OFF as I have, it is still putting out a BLE signal and while a phone can not turn it on (as far as I know) except using with Bose Connect, a laptop can.

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Mar 15, 2018

Re: My SoundLink Revolve + will not power off and stay off. Keeps being "Ready to connect"

Hi DJ Barney Philly,


Thanks for writing in!  Sorry to hear about the troubles, but would be happy to help!


  • First, has the speaker been updated at all since purchasing it?
  • If you factory default the speaker by holding down the power button until it prompts to select a language, if you don't pair a device, does the system stay powered off?  


Let us know so we can further assist!


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support