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Aug 2, 2018

Revolve+ Bluetooth Connect/Disconnect Announcement Error

When I connect my iphone 7 to the Revolve+ the speaker announces it is "connected to Katie's iphone" which is the incorrect name for my iphone. My iphone still controls the bluetooth speaker and what it plays. But when I disconnect my iphone from the speaker it says "TrueNorth's iphone disconnected, ready to pair" which is the correct name of my phone that I disconnected. This happens even when there are no other devices within the speaker's bluetooth range. I have cleared all the bluetooth connections as well as reset the speaker. Anyone know what causes this?


I am also having trouble updating the firmware on the speaker. I have downloaded the Bose connect app on my phone but the app is unable to connect to the device despite there being an active bluetooth connection. I tried doing it on the Bose website through the Bose Device Updater webpage, and nothing is happening once I download the program onto my computer and connect the speaker to the computer. After a while an error message appears on the website and tells me to contact customer support.
Anyone else have this problem, or any suggestions?

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Re: Revolve+ Bluetooth Connect/Disconnect Announcement Error

Hello TrueNorth


Thanks for posting in the community!  Sorry to hear about the experiences, but would be glad to help!


If you go into to your iPhone's settings and under General and About, can you try and rename the iPhone and then back to TrueNorth.  Once you've done this, I'd like to clear the memory of the Bluetooth list on the headset and iPhone again.  


Regarding the update, this is certainly a strange issue.  When you have the Bose installer running, it should then detect the product and the site should change to show any available updates.  Would there be a chance to try a second computer by chance?


Let us know how it goes!


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support