Revolve+ Connectivity and Update Issues

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Revolve+ Connectivity and Update Issues



I have had a Revolve+ for 6 months. It worked perfectly and seamlessly with my iPhone 7 and Macbook Pro. I just got a new iPhone XS, and paired it with the speaker, and have had issues since.


The Issues:

1. The speaker won't connect automatically to my phone or MacBook Pro anymore. I have to go to my menu everytime.

2. The Bose Connect App doesn't recognise that my speaker is connected, even when it is paired by bluetooth.


The solutions I've tried (a number of times):

1. Deleted bluetooth pairing list on speaker

2. Deleted Revolve+ from paired devices on both new iPhone and Macbook Pro

3. Reset the speaker

4. Attempted to install firmware update on speaker via USB. The speaker spontaneously shuts down at 8% everytime; the update stops.


This is extremely frustrating! Any solutions would be much appreciated.







Re: Revolve+ Connectivity and Update Issues

Hello ctdh! Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community.


I am sorry to hear that's happening, it does sound frustrating! I'd like to help. Updating your speaker is an important first step. If the download is stopping at 8% on your MacBook Pro, can you run the updater from a different computer? I have found that occasionally my speaker updates stall as well and I have to restart the process several times before it completes. Perhaps a different computer will lead to a different outcome if you are weary of trying with the Mac. With regard to the connection, once you have successfully updated, try opening the Connect app and swiping down to connect. 


Let us know how it goes! 


Best Regards,


Greg - Community Support