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Feb 19, 2019

Revolve will not sync with soundlink mini 1 in Windows 10

Cannot play two speakers (Revolve and mini 1) simultaneously using Windows 10 and Laptop. Works fine with Android phone.

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Revolve will not sync with soundlink mini 1 in Windows 10

I can not speak for Windows 10 but I can speak for Windows 7.  I can not connect more than one speaker at a time to my Dell laptop which uses Intel Bluetooth (BT) hardware and drivers.  That is why Bose has a feature called "Party Mode" which allows you to play on two of the same type of speakers (like two Revolves) using BT from a single computer (desktop or laptop).  But keep in mind that both Bose speakers have to be exactly the same.  I do not believe a Mini 1 can be put into party mode.  Hence, unless the Bose people say otherwise, with your two speakers, you will likely only be able to use one at a time with BT.

You can still play them both at the same time (with the exact same audio) by buying a "splitter" on ebay or the like (which is equivalent to Party and not Stereo mode) and then connecting both speakers to it with wire and put them into AUX mode.  (You will need a different "stereo splitter" into to put the left channel on one and the right channel on the other.  Most splitters don't do that.


Unless someone here says otherwise, I believe Windows 10 is the same.  By the way, BT 5.x provides a much more functional way to support multiple speakers simultaneously, however, Bose has not yet annouced (and delivered) a BT 5.0 compliant product.  All its products only support BT 4.x.   Most of the more recent smartphones such as the iPhone 8 and 10 support both BT 4.x and BT 5.x.


BTW - It appears you Android phone call support two BT speakers at the same time.  I just tried to connect both of my Revolves simultaneously to my iPhone 7+ and could not (without using Party mode).