Soundlink MIni II Will not charge

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Soundlink MIni II Will not charge

yet more problems from what should be a simple speaker!
Having used it last week to a point that the battery was reasonably low (NOT flat) it will now not turn on or charge.
when placed on charge (directly NOT via the dock- which has proved itself useless on many occasions) we just get the red flashing battery symbol.
I have tried the reset procedure as stated on various blogs, (charge lead in, hold multi-function button, remove power, release button, replace power) but nothing.
anyone got any ideas befopre I launch this thing of a cliff?


Re: Soundlink MIni II Will not charge


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community! You mention that you have rebooted the speaker, but could I ask have you tried factory resetting it?


To reset the speaker:


A factory reset clears paired mobile devices and language settings from the speaker and returns it to original factory settings.

  • Press the Power button to turn the speaker on
  • Press and hold the Power button for ten seconds. The system will turn off once it has been reset

If you could please give that a try when you can and come back and let us know.


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Tony G - Community Support

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Re: Soundlink MIni II Will not charge

Forgive me, but how can I perform this reset if the unit refuses to even turn on?

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Re: Soundlink MIni II Will not charge

So far I have tried all reset options, checked for latest software (it is up to date) and have telephoned the technical support line, who, after 1/2 an hour doing all the tests I have already tried tole me that it needs sending for repair... oh and that it is out of warranty being just over 2 years old so that will cost a one off fee of £69 to cover all repair costs. 


Re: Soundlink MIni II Will not charge Thanks for following up. We try and provide service options even beyond the warranty period. Repairs do come with a one-year repair warranty as well. 


If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know. 


Keep us informed on how everything else works out for you.


Thank you,