Soundlink Mini Air WIFI and Volume issues

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Soundlink Mini Air WIFI and Volume issues

Hi All


I have purchased Soundlin Air and it works fine until its wifi start to blink blue and no wifi signals on either on laptop nor iphone. i have done various ways to adjust it but all are in vein. I have done resetting as described in the bose community forum but failed. 


Now the situations becoming worst, aux of the system is working fine until the new problem started. When i connect the stereo cable with the lcd or cell phone, faint stereo sount coming out from the bose speaker and when i tried to raised the volume either from remote or through volume button on the soundlink it become hang-up as no sound coming from the system unless i have to restart the system by unplugging it.

kindly resolve the issue if someone has a solution to it 



Re: Soundlink Mini Air WIFI and Volume issues

Hello Izhar,


Thank you for posting.


Sorry to hear you can't get the SoundLink Air to work after the reset. Was this a factory default or just a power reset that you tried?


Let me know the result.



Joel - Community Support