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May 12, 2018

Soundlink Mini II status lights all on and unresponsive



I was using my soundlink mini in the evening without problems. In the morning, without charging, the soundlink has the power light, aux and Bluetooth light permanently lit. The power light looks like it has the green amber and red lights all lit at once. They are very quickly pulsing. The unit is not responsive. I’ve tried:

- holding each button down for 10 secs

- tried connecting to Bose updated on the laptop, pc does not detect the unit

- plugging in and holding the multifunction button for 10 secs, unplugging while holding button, waiting further 10 secs and no result


the only thing I have noticed is when I hold the multifunction button for 10 secs, the pulsing becomes slower and clearer.


any ideas if there’s anything else to try? I was outside and it was very humid. Could that be an issue?



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Aug 25, 2017

Re: Soundlink Mini II status lights all on and unresponsive

Hey there!


Welcome to the community, I'm glad that you reached out!


That's interesting behavior!  Based off of what you're describing I would recommend reaching out to customer support, you can use this link.  Just select your country and scroll down to where you see "contact us".  


I hope that you have a wonderful day!


Please take the kindest care,

Shiloh - Community Support