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Sep 2, 2014

Upcoming Change to Bluetooth Product Update Site

Dear Community,


We wanted to make you aware of some changes that will be occurring early next week to the btu.bose.com firmware download site. The site will continue to contain the most up to date firmware for your Bose Bluetooth devices as an alternative updating method apart from the Bose Connect app. In addition to the most recent firmware, it will contain the previous version only. In the past, all versions of firmware were available to select from for users who wished to roll back their product. Although we generally do not recommend installing older firmware on to your products, we understand that some users may wish to do so from time to time. This is why the previous version will continue to be offered along with the most current version.


This change of the site’s functionality is due to a few reasons, but mostly due to the level of difficulty involved in compatibility testing devices with a large number of older firmware versions. We have seen cases where installing certain versions of older firmware can create unexpected behavior in a product when rolling back from a newer version. We will remain committed to offering at least one prior version that is fully tested and can be installed safely if you wish to do so.


Thank you.


- The Bose Community Support Team