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Sep 2, 2014

Upcoming Changes to the Bluetooth Updater Website

Dear Community,

We wanted to make you aware of some changes that will be occurring to the firmware download site. The site will continue to contain the most up to date firmware for your Bose Bluetooth devices as an alternative updating method apart from the Bose Connect app. In the next week, the site will no longer support the capability of downgrading to a previous version of Firmware. This change of the site’s functionality is due to a few reasons, hosting a downgrade option has become less and less of an industry standard. This is due to the significant level of difficulty/complexity of compatibility testing multiple devices with a large number of older firmware versions. We have seen cases where installing older versions of firmware can create unexpected behavior in a product and negatively impact or reduce functionality.


Additionally, downgrading firmware in some cases may not only remove newly added fixes or features, but sometimes security enhancements or other critical bug fixes. We will remain committed to always offering the most current version of firmware as an alternate to the Bose Connect app update process.


As always, the latest firmware versions will have all of the relevant/latest bug fixes and enable the most up-to-date feature set for any product. Rest assured that all updates have been fully tested and can be installed safely if you wish to do so.

Thank you.

The Bose Community Support Team