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Jan 17, 2019

sound link revolve case?

how am i going to safely get my speaker back and forth from work to home on a daily basis? I have no idea what i should put my speaker inside of and was hoping to find a carrying case. Does anyone have any ideas?


Re: sound link revolve case?

Hello Leafhall,


Thanks for posting. Please see my response here


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Jun 15, 2018

Re: sound link revolve case?

I am a music/film professional and so I have two Revolve's (that I put into stereo mode) that I use to demo films I have written music for.  I travel with a Dell laptop that I put into a Brenthaven backpack (I highly recommend https://brenthaven.com/product/metrolite-laptop-backpack).  I place TWO Revolves in the middle pocket as is without anything around them.  I have never had any issues doing that. Though you certainly can purchase one.  I did a search for "Bose Revolve Case" in ebay and found 423 results (189 from the US).  Make sure you get the correct size - the Revolve and Revolve+ are different sizes and use different cases.  But again - it is really not necessary imho.  Your call....