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Aug 17, 2017

soundlink revolve connection

Help! I just got my soundlink revolve and trying to get it paired up with my hp notebook (bluetooth). so far it will not pair up or synch in

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Dec 15, 2016

Re: soundlink revolve connection

Hawaiian Kid


Thanks for the question. Congratulations on your new Revolve! I'm curious does the speaker pair to a mobile device? Also, if you could provide a little more detail,


  1. What operating system are you running?
  2. Can you see the speaker on your computer but not pair to it?
  3. Have you ever been able to pair a Bluetooth device to your computer?
  4. If Bluetooth has worked on the laptop in the past, have you updated and drivers?

Sorry for all the questions, but the more information I can gather the easier it would be to troubleshoot.


Please come back and update us, so we can help.