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Feb 8, 2017

turntable using bluetooth


I think this topic has been covered before, but I'm not sure there has been a definitive answer yet.

I've recently brought my collecion of vinyl out of storage and would like to buy an new turntable and incorporate into my bose speakers: SoundTouch 30 and 10. 

Is there an ideal way to stream the sound from the turntable to the Bose System? There is one turntable which has a bluetooth connection by AudioTechnica, but looking at the price (around$200) I suspect it is low end soundwise. 

Would an alternative be to buy an turntable and an amplifier (or a model that incorporates both) and send the signal  through a bluetooth adapter?

The other option would be to simply plug the amp into the aux of the Soundtouch - but would I then be able to add the other Bose speakers with the Soundtouch app on my ipad if it is in the aux setting? If there is a bluetooth option, how would I ensure the turntable connected to the Bose - would it show up as an option on the app?

A lot of questions, I realise, but any advice or experiences would be most welcome.