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Oct 9, 2015

4 Model II vs 2 Pro 32?



it’s been a while since I wrote last.
I have a question… currently I own 4 Model II with 6 B2 subs (2 of them with the external Bose amp) I’m thinking on selling them and get 2 Pro 32 with 4 subs (the big ones). Would it be worth it sound wise?


than you.


Re: 4 Model II vs 2 Pro 32?

Hi romgmz!

The L1 Pro32 is an upgrade on the Model II, with more bass, power and range. However, if you're using a quadraphonic setup with your 4 x L1 Model II systems, this can not be replicated with only two replacement L1s.

How are you currently using your 4 x L1 Model IIs?

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