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Dec 4, 2019

Re: A two-Bose Line 1 Model 2 setup..question.

Hi ST,

I actually came across that article yesterday and gave it a glance over.   The Y-cable has always seemed fine all these years, and the Bose has always sounded good.  It's basically a right/left RCA cable to single mono (unbalanced?) 1/4-inch cable.  I always assumed that this was the way to covert a stereo signal out of mixer into a mono signal that the Bose can accept/use.

I never knew you could run a stereo plug into the Bose, so assumed this was the only way to do it from my mixer/s I've been using.  Is there a better way to run RCA's out into the single Bose?  (or the two XLR outputs, if not RCA).