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Jun 4, 2018

Re: Are the T4S and L1 Compact a good option on this scenario?

Hi Miguel,

I will leave your last question in ST’s capable hands, but I just had to comment on your girlfriends comment on the L1 sound propagation. That’s one aspect of the L1 family that to this day astounds me.

She is spot on when observing the sound doesn’t blast out at you, but just permeates the area. Since the L1 is so unobtrusive, we’ve had folks come up to us and be surprised we were even amplified. I’ve played through many systems, but the Bose truly is magical.

Also, because you can really hear yourself so nicely, it helps you to play better I think. After playing through ours, we’ve come to feel that the Bose system plays the role of another key band member. 

So bottom line is we are all thrilled to see she is having such a good experience that many of us have also had to further enhance her music. And yes, it would be great to have a sample to hear at some point. 


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May 11, 2020

Re: Are the T4S and L1 Compact a good option on this scenario?

Hi MiguelBap,

MiguelBap posted:

As promised here's a quick update... So, last week, my girlfriend has received the equipment. She was in "shock". She was not expecting such a surprise.
She has already used the L1 compact a couple of times. She is amazed on how cristal-clear does it sound. She says that the sound is not "loud" ... But the sound just "covers" perfectly the venues. That the sound propagation is "magical" .

Thank you for the update. This is wonderful news.

She also says that with such a great system she will improve her singing skills. She can hear herself properly. With lower quality equipment she can't detect the subtle differences on her voice/signing. 

That's an inciteful observation. You can't fix what you can't hear however with the right gear, you can be inspired to improve.

I haven't hear it yet cause we are in different countries  right now. 

I hope you get to hear her soon.

As of now, she has been using her "old" mixer. She is still getting familiar with the T4S. But soon she will start using both.
Once again, thank you for your help on this process.

BTW... One quick question... When routing USB B from pc to channels 3/4 should she be able to control the volume (of channels 3/4) using the "per channel volume knob"?

Yes, she can use the individual volume knobs for channels 3 and 4.

Thanks again for the update.