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May 11, 2020

Are there situations where you would use a Model 1S instead of a Model II?

This came up in another discussion (Model 1S Live Results) and I thought it really deserved its own thread.

Originally posted by open-road-matt:
Thanks for the live 1S report. It's fun to hear how it compares to the Compact.

Are there situations where you can see yourself using the 1S instead of your Model 2?


As a Model II owner, I can only imagine two situations where I would choose a Model 1S intead of my Model II.
  1. Where I absolutely cannot assemble my Model II in a venue with a low ceiling. The Model 1S is 4.6" shorter than the Model II. Maybe in a basement or a boat but in both of those situations I'd probably use a Compact.

  2. Where the Model II projects too well for a particular situation.

    This is for me, relatively rare, but here's an example: I had a gig in horse arena. My band was at one end and we were playing in a temporary cowboy saloon setting. At the other end there was an auction and later some skits. We were playing to the patrons of the saloon and unintentionally intruding on the auction going on 150 feet away (and heard more clearly than the house PA everywhere).

    I haven't actually tested this, but Bose has said, "Model 1S: 75 feet"

    Question: Where can the L1® Model 1S system be used?
    Answer: The L1® Model 1S system is suitable for audiences up to 300 people.
    Typically, this translates to maximum listener distances of about 75 feet
    (22.86 meters). Thus the system will fill auditoriums, houses of worship,
    gymnasiums, ballrooms, dance clubs, coffeehouses and more.

    — Source: L1® Model 1S (see the FAQ link on the right side of the page).

    So in that horse arena the Model 1S would probably have served me better.

    I really like that the Model II reverses the eternal concern of not be heard at a distance. On occasion, I am concerned about being heard too well.

What about the weight? The total system weight of the Model 1S is about 8 pounds less than the Model II. The difference is in the hollow extension. I can't really think of a situation where that relatively small difference would tip the scales in favour of using a Model 1S instead of a Model II. Maybe on a boat or aircraft?

Thanks again for asking this Matt. If you haven't already seen it, here is another discussion you might like: From one Model II owner to another

Here's another odd scenario where the Model 1S might have been a better choice.
Last weekend I was in another situation where the long-distance projection (low drop-off over distance) of a full sized L1® was a challenge.

The setting was a baseball stadium. The event was all on the field in within the first 5 rows of the stands. A buddy was providing background music and sound-reinforcement for annnouncements.

He had two Classics aimed outwards, away from home plate outward parallel to the base lines. I hope that made sense. Anyway, the sound was fine, stunningly good actually. The one big issue was the echo coming off the (what do you call it?) backboard surrounding the outfield (I'm not a baseball guy). Everyone who needed to hear the music and the announcements was within 100 feet. He was getting echo off the wall several hundred feet away and that was adversely impacting intelligibility during the announcements.

I wonder if that 75 foot attribute would be good for DJs who want to serve a dance floor without overpowering a room. I think I'll start a new discussion to ask them.

Nice to visit with you Matt.
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Jan 23, 2005

Re: Are there situations where you would use a Model 1S instead of a Model II?

Thanks ST!
Great info as always!