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Jun 5, 2019

Best way to connect (3) L1 M2 systems


I've now purchased my 3rd (used) L1 M2 system in the last month. One of the systems came with a T1 mixer which I'm finally getting acquainted with. So far the ease of set up and performance have been great!

I've had 2 conferences where I used 2 L1's but my next event is a religious retreat where I'll need 2 L1's in one room and a third in an adjacent outdoor area.

The main room is 40 ft x 100 ft with the lecturer on one of short 40ft walls. No stage or platform, so each is on the floor with the 300 or so attendees who will be standing and/or milling from 15ft to 90 ft.

The lecturer will wear a lav wireless mic and we will have a 2nd wireless hand held for general announcements. The 3rd source will be an ipad which will provide background music whenever there is a break in the program.

We did a walk through and test yesterday and found that the one L1 wasn't quite adequate for even coverage as the area is narrow. The thought is placing 2 L1's along the 100 ft section firing into the side of the forward facing crowd (hope this makes sense).

I'd connect the first L1 via the Tone Match port and the 2nd one through the Aux Main out as I've done before. 

How would everyone suggest that I connect the 3rd?

I have a wireless plug in transmitter (or I may purchase the Xvive that everyone seems to like) that would work well as the outdoor area is 30 to 40 ft from where the mixer will be (on the other side of a floor to ceiling window).

Any other ideas about the set up in general would be appreciated!

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May 11, 2020

Re: Best way to connect (3) L1 M2 systems

Hi jlowe,

Thanks for all the background information.  Your plan for the physical layout sounds fine.

You can connect a T1 to two L1s like this.

T1® to Two Model II Power Stands


Click the picture for detail.

Then you can connect the third L1 (wired or wireless) through the T1 Aux output.

T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Aux Output
--?8T? Please click the picture for more details ?T8?--