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May 10, 2012

Re: Bose Connect App: Feature Requests and Suggestions


What are the boundaries that we should scope our comments around. 

Let's keep an open mind to all ideas for the future. I learned long ago not to limit my thinking to what I imagined was possible - especially when talking to people at Bose.


Ok, you asked, here we go:

The S1 pro is used by many acoustic players and a good EQ with 3 full parametric bands, low and hi shelf and a low cut ist really needed to make a pick up sound useful.

The possibility to import a (just a few) IRs with an IR mixing tool so that the impulse responses can be added in the right amount.

For many (not so much for me) a light chorus additionally to the reverb is useful (don't overdo it).

A master volume wouldn't be bad either.

Those few little improvements would be nice. When can we have it? Next FW release? 🙂