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Aug 9, 2018

Bose L1 Pro 32 with Sub 1 - Weak Bass drum

Bose product name: L1 Pro 32 with Sub 1 (T4S)


Country - US


Hi everyone,

Just got my Pro 32 with Sub1 last week and used it at an outdoor gig. I am coming from a Model 2 with B2 sub and I did not change anything at all. I just ran my T4S tonematch cable into the new system. Overall sound was excellent and clearer and more pleasant than the Model 2. The only issue was with my digital kick drum that I run through a roland TM2. I had been running this for almost a year through my model 2 with B2 and really had it sounding good. The kick sound had a nice, deep thud with just enough attack. As I said, I did not change any settings on my T4S, just plugged it into the new system and made small volume adjustments. The kick drum through the new system sounded significantly worse. Mostly attack (smack) and very little bass or thud. It was very disappointing.

The strange part was when I played music from my phone during setup and breaks, the bass was very full/loud/deep and sounded excellent. I tried to adjust some settings on my TM2 module and the T4S to boost the low end and I even tried increasing the level on the Sub 1 but nothing gave it any more low end of thud. It almost sounded as though there was a quick compression on the sound that kept it from being a nice full kick sound. I checked every setting on T4S and there were no effects or settings applied. As I said, I made no changes from my previous gig with my Model 2 and B2 where the kick sounded great. 

On paper, it seems like the sub1 should hit just as low and full as the B2 and this is what I was told when talking with Bose reps and dealer (sweetwater) reps.

Any thoughts? I didn't think I would need the Sub 2 because people said that the sub 1 was comparable and that sub 2 would be way more than I needed.


Re: Bose L1 Pro 32 with Sub 1 - Weak Bass drum

Hey DCaugust!


To compare the specs for the B2, Sub 1 & Sub 2:

  • the B2 has 2 x 10" woofers (low frequency = 40Hz)
  • the Sub1 has a single 7" x 13" 'RaceTrack' driver, roughly equivalent to a conventional 12" woofer (low frequency = 40Hz)
  • the Sub2 has a single 10" x 18" 'RaceTrack' driver, roughly equivalent to a conventional 15" woofer (low frequency = 37Hz)

The Sub2 bass module is a closer equivalent to the B2 bass module, and will replicate the low frequencies from instruments like kick drums and bass guitars with greater power compared to the Sub1.

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