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Aug 27, 2020

Bose L1 model 2 b2

Just bought 2 of the Bose L1 model 2 with 2 b2 subs havent recieved all the gear yet from sweetwater just 1 sub and and 2 base stands waiting on the other sub and the line array towers my question is we wil . E using this for our mains and monitors set behind the band while performing and we have some 18" powered subs that i would like to run as an auxiliary from our Mackie dl32r Mixer my question is that is this doable w/o hooking them up to the Bose system and would it give us more thump if we need it? A lot of demos i see for a large venue or outdoor shows have numerous B1's set up i understand we have 2  b2's for each side of the stage that would be like 4 b1's on each side but what if we wanted or newded some more sub power from our old pwrd subs maybe behind the drums or hust on the floor can it be done via aux sends on our board ?


Re: Bose L1 model 2 b2

Hi mandkaug17,

Thank you for posting, welcome to the forum!

If you're wanting some additional low end after setting up the L1 model II and B2 systems, the best way to achieve this would be to use the auxiliary outputs on the Mackie DL32R to connect to your other subwoofers.

Hope this helps!

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