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Jun 6, 2021

Bose L1 service request.

I am in the Denver Colorado area and need L1 service.


Bose product name




Firmware Version


App Version


What devices were you using that were affected and what version are they on Windows 10

Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce

Power on then I get pops, clicking the audio is muffled.


What environment do you experience the issue in? Home


When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously?

About 2 weeks ago. Yes this device has worked flawlessly since I got brand new the year they came out.

Any troubleshooting steps you took

Power off and unplugged is a temporary fix then failure occurs.




Re: Bose L1 service request.

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the forum! Thank you for joining us.

Bose do not have an authorized repair centre in the Denver, CO area. I recommend calling the Pro product support team to book a repair, and a pre-paid shipping label to send your system to the Bose repair facility will be provided as part of the service.

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