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Oct 11, 2020

Cannot Perform Firmware Update on S1 Pro


I am attempting to update my Bose S1 Pro firmware, but cannot get the speaker to pair with the Bose Connect App on both Android/iOS, as well as the Bose Updater via Windows 10. 

Have already performed the following prior to this posting:

-No physical damage

-In use with no issues for over 1 year, purchased new

-Fully charged and plugged into AC

-Performed Bluetooth pair list clear by holding down pair button for over 10 seconds, was successful

-Connected with two different USB cables to Windows 10, drivers reinstalled multiple times

-Bose updater application reinstalled multiple times (restarts performed on win10 after every reinstall)

-Attempted different Windows 10 PC


Same outcome:

Bose Updater and Bose Connect App will not find the device to perform firmware updates.


I am going to pull the battery after posting this to perform full reset, deleting this post if successful (fingers crossed!)


Any info would be appreciated! I use this speaker daily and would love the auto-off feature as included on the most recent update.


Thanks in advance!



Re: Cannot Perform Firmware Update on S1 Pro

Hi BiZ,

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting, sorry to see you're having this problem with the S1 Pro.

With the thorough troubleshooting steps taken here, it looks as if there could be an issue with the service port on your system. To try getting the S1 Pro to appear in the Bose Connect app, I recommend trying the following steps:

  1. Remove the S1 Pro from your mobile device's Bluetooth paired list.
  2. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the S1 Pro for 10 seconds to clear its Bluetooth list.
  3. Open the Bose Connect app and establish a new Bluetooth connection to the S1 Pro from within the app.

Firmware updates on the S1 Pro can also be performed as part of the repair service. If the steps above are unsuccessful, I advise contacting the Bose support team to discuss service options.

Hope this helps!