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Dec 31, 2018

Combining L1 model S and L1 Compact

Hi - I do voice acting and narration with playback - which is large scale symphonic music and sound design.  I have had the L1 model S with bass... and just got the Compact.  Question:  Ways to combine the two for medium halls to create the best mix of voice and sound.  I was thinking of using the T1 tone match mixer... but have questions.

If I do not use the mixer I can put the voice into one channel of Compact... and playback into the other and control/mix them better? - Than both into T1 and out into compact?

That's when using the compact by itself.

Then I wish to combine with my L1 ModelS.

I believe the best way is to get the T4 and then have one going to one and one to the other to get stereo.

I was imagining placing the compact kind in front me me forward a bit... for voice and playback mix.  Then have the L1 modelS over to the left and back a bit... and have it ALL playback... to create a wash of music.

Using lav mics... sometimes just two lav mics... maximum would be 2 lavs and several live miked musicians - ALL WITH THE PLAYBACK as most important element... want to flood the audience with my orcestral sounds as we perform the stories... there is also highly colorful illustrative art flowing on screen (and some puppetry)...

Does any of this inspire feedback?... and results from your experience?...



if curious go here to see what I'm doing.  https://soundartus.com/the-phantastic-theater/



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May 11, 2020

Re: Combining L1 model S and L1 Compact

Hi Christopher,

Welcome to the Bose Portable PA Community.

Thanks for the link to your website. It's nice to know you better and to have a glimpse into what you're doing. It's intriguing.

Please tell us:

  • How large are the venues where you perform?
    • General description
    • Number of listeners
  • Is the seating level or raked?
  • Is the stage elevated? How high?
  • What are the people in the audience doing while you are performing?
  • The make and model of all the microphones you are using
    • How many microphones will be live at the same time?
  • You mentioned lavalier microphones - it's critical to know if these are omnidirectional or unidirectional

You had an L1 Model 1S and a bass module (B1 or B2). What problem were you trying to solve by getting the L1 Compact?