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Jun 20, 2019

Connecting T1 to Boss Looper

Hi...need some help on this and can't find anything on the forums...

What I need to do: 

1) Have the T1 Tonematch and also separate power supply.

Want to use a Studio Quality AKG mic into Channel 1 and configure the mic to get best performance/quality for the singer.

2) Plus a Fender Tele into Channel 2 and set up the sound with T1 appropriate settings.

3) Now the (I'm stuck part) connect the T1 total output into the Boss RC-300 Looper....so need to know which output from the T1 should then be plugged into the RC-300 Looper station to record the T! output on the looper. 

4) Have Studio Quality headphones...but is it possible to plug in the headpones into the T1 to set the balance between voice and guitar...tried plugging the headphones into the Headphone jack on the Looper but no audio is coming through, so obviously I'm not connecting the T1 output into the proper input on the Looper.

Appreciate any help from our members and of course ST and the Team at Bose.

Thanks everyone...George






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May 26, 2020

Re: Connecting T1 to Boss Looper


I would connect ‘T1 Master out’ to ‘RC 300 jack-input’ with a jack-jack cable. Be careful not to make the signal to hot. Keep it low and adjust the volume on the RC 300. Would think that the ‘Phones out’ on the RC 300 would just work? The RC 300 has a lot of tweaking options so perhaps you will have to dig into the menus. 
Good luck??
Best regards RS

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May 11, 2020

Re: Connecting T1 to Boss Looper

Hi, George Gonzo.

Here are some previous discussions about the RC 300.


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May 10, 2018

Re: Connecting T1 to Boss Looper

Do you loop vocals?

If so, Can you plug the microphone into the RC300 and route it to one output channel and plug the guitar into the RC300 and route it to the other output and then plug the TWO outputs into the T1 and do the mix there?