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Apr 7, 2021

Controlling the monitor mix from my T4S



I recently purchased a T4S and L1 Pro 16. Love them both, and I've been able to connect my mixer to my monitor and gotten a good mix on it when it is plugged into one of main outputs. However, I don't have any control over the monitor from the mixer when it's plugged into one of these two. There is no sound when I plug it into either one of the aux outs, and obviously no way to control it. 


I've gone through both of the below articles and it seems like I'm doing everything right. It seems like the aux outputs just aren't working or something. Any help would be much appreciated!




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Aug 1, 2010

Re: Controlling the monitor mix from my T4S

Hello Sammrobbinsmusic,


Congratulations on getting your T4s and L1 Pro 16.  Here's a couple of ideas for troubleshooting.  They basically follow the Wiki articles you referenced:


  • Work with Aux 1 only to start with (anything you do would be equally applicable to Aux 2.)
  • Turn down the MASTER volume on your T4s.  This will ensure you're not sending any signal through the ToneMatch cable to the L1 Pro 16.
  • Connect a sound source (microphone or instrument) to Channel 1 and select its "CH EDIT" button.
  • On the T4s, turn the Rotary Selector to PAN/AUX.  Rotate the left button to choose Aux Send 1 and press the button to select.
  • Rotate the selectors for Level and Tap to "50%" and "Pre" respectively as a starting point.
  • On your L1 Pro 16, turn the volume for its Channel 1 all the way down.
  • On your T4s, turn the volume for its Channel 1 all the way down.
  • Connect a 1/4" cable from the T4s Aux 1 to Input 1 on the L1 Pro 16 (we'll test the monitor later), then turn the L1 Pro 16's Channel 1 volume up a little.
  • Keep the MASTER volume on your T4s fully down.
  • Use your mic or instrument to send a signal to Channel 1 on your T4s.  Make sure the green light above the TRIM control is flashing green (to ensure you have a good signal.)

At this point, you should have some sound on your L1 Pro 16.  Vary the level on the PAN/AUX menu and the volume on the L1 Pro 16 Channel 1.  If you still don't have any sound, try another 1/4 cable to make sure it's good.  If the cable is good, you might have a problem with your T4s, and should contact Bose directly for more troubleshooting or service.


If you are getting sound, then turn down the L1 Pro 16's Channel 1, unplug the cable, and plug it into the monitor, and turn the monitor's volume up.  If you get sound, you're good to go; if not, the problem might be with your monitor.


Does that help?