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Nov 29, 2019

Daisychaining 2 T1/T4

Hey All,

Been away for quite some time. Decided to come back and visit the Bose page, and low and behold, we have new products. The T4S and T8S. I currently own the T1. In the past on here I have seen some of you talking about daisychaining 2, T1's. With the new T4S, does it make this hookup option any simpler, with the new features that the T4S offers. Wondering if the T4S allows you to hook up 2 of them, using only one of them as a master output. If this is possible, can it be done in the same manner with a T1, and a T4S, or would have to be 2, T4S? Obviously the better option would be to just get the T8S, I was just hoping for the possibility, of getting just one T4S and make it happen.

Thanks in advance

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May 11, 2020

Re: Daisychaining 2 T1/T4

Hi macheted01,

The T4S has four combo inputs. The T1® has three plus channel 4/5 (that's really one channel)

The T4S has two Aux inputs called channels 5/6.  You can connect a T1® to either of those channels, and still have four fully functional channels (1-4) to work with.

The principle is similar to daisy-chaining two T1®s except that you have more channels.

We've got a more detailed listing of the differences here:

Comparison of T4S/T8S to T1® ToneMatch audio engine

Does that tell you what you need to know?