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Dec 15, 2003

Re: Even a blind man can see where I'm coming from

Yes O..

I should have said this sometime back, but - I enjoyed your interview on the wiki so very much. Incredibly peaceful, and makes me proud to be a musician. I hope we can meet up and share some songs one day.

The "other" O' - Mike
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May 25, 2004

Re: Even a blind man can see where I'm coming from

Thanks Mike, for the kind words, and I too look forward to a chance to share a tune.

I played for Roger again last night. He wanted to return the Classic so he just left it set up on Friday.

This was my first opportunity to walk in and plug in the T1 in a real gig scenario.

Even though the stage is small there is wiggle room, and I discovered that Roger set up in a more confined way than I do when I play the room. I decided to plug in just as he had things and realized his effort to confine the equipment and himself to the small corner of the performing area was contributing to some issues we had talked about, mainly feedback.

There is ductwork directly above the "stage" area and it is too low to be under, so a choice has to be made as to which side to place the L1. The difference is only 16 inches or so left and right but makes a 1 foot difference in space between the artist and the L1. Every time I have played there in the past I set up on the opposite side.

I had to make slight adjustments (2db cut) in the highs on the vocal mic and I moved the B1's to the left and changed the angle as well to eliminate low end guitar rumble.

This illustrated to me that placement can be more of an issue than I had realized, and the only way to know for sure is play a lot of different places and recognize the changes in sound, irregardless of their subtlety.

All in all the night went smooth. The T1 / Classic combination is good, I didn't feel I was lacking in any way not having the Model II with me.

I left the system in the car and set it up in Church this morning just to do one song, Oh Holy Night. I had never performed this song before and knew that the house system would not give me the detail I needed to do a song that would take me to the limits of my vocal range on both ends. Guitar and vocal were clear, even if not perfect, and the difference between Bose and house was noted by some.

I suspect that a couple of weeks without the L1 will be more encouragment for Roger to bite the bullet. We'll see.

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Dec 14, 2003

Re: Even a blind man can see where I'm coming from

Why feel sorry for the blind man?
His soul is a bird on a wing
Why you might have eyes like an eagle
And never see one blessed thing

Why feel sorry for the lame man
And fret that he may fall down?
Why you might have legs like a race horse
And never get feet on the ground

He's alright
Makin do
Doing fine
How 'bout you?

...Jesse Winchester

Merry Christmas all,