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Sep 8, 2007

Everybody, wait a minute..


Ch.1 headset
Ch.2 guitar
Ch.3 Stand mic
Ch.4 lapper via USB
Long time setup with this except last night, I had a friend set in to work my breaks and we plugged his guitar wireless into Ch. 4 via 1/4".

So far so good until I lost output from my speakers. Bass modules fine and I had a blue light on the amp. I went through the usual panic mode stuff:
re-booted several times, both amp and Tonematch, plugged-unplugged, pulled the speakers out and re-inserted.. nothing but output to the B1's. Aw dang(or some variation) about 20 minutes to go in the gig so I winged it best I could.

When I got home I brought the amp and the bottom speaker plus the T1 and a mic inside and went thru the usual including taking a screwdriver to the amp and but didn't see anything remarkable. (now I know what it takes to look inside the model II amp)

Everything checked out with the Tonematch: input/output levels etc, until I noticed on the power stand check it said "not connected"..what?
all the lights were all and bright blue and with a B1 connected I still got output.
Next I plugged a guitar directly into the 1/4" on the amp..rats again, nothing. Then I see the blue power light blink one time and the green light next to the analog input blink green one quick time but still so sound. Next I switch the power off and on again...sound! checked the power stand on the T1 and sure enough it says connected.

Do I trust that this was caused by sunspots or aliens or democrats (sorry, kidding)because it all works like a champ now? Tell me, Dear Abby, what up?

PS: I forgot to mention that in my panic, at midnight, I even called my up the road neighbor and resident bobblerhead Roy for advice.
Roy own's about a dozen Bose and even he was stumped. I called him back a few minutes later, all excited, with the good news.

Leo Dean
I checked t