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Oct 26, 2020

F1 or traditional 15" 2-way for installed FOH upgrade.

I'm upgrading the FOH installed 15" 2-way (Behringer B115D) speakers in a 100% bluegrass venue and am leaning towards a pair of F1 812s.

   A recent band brought in their own JBL SRX15P with subs, they sounded terrific and are on my short list,  but I'd prefer something that didn't want to run so loud if that makes sense.    I haven't yet had an opportunity to listen to installed F1s in a similar environment (only in showrooms).   Does anyone have experience with F1s in smaller venues with all acoustic sets?   Would they give the same feel as L1s where I could achieve a reasonable level across most of the house from just a pair of FOH speakers?

    The 4-6 piece bands we host are pure acoustic except for small backline bass amps.  Seating tops out at about 140 in the 58'x32' room (Barn).  We typically use 8-14 mics (mix of condenser/dynamic) and most bands use 4 stage monitors.  I've got an L1 compact that I use for small shows for my own blugrass band and prefer the more even-feeling coverage of that, though it doesn't quite seem suitable for the larger space and audience size.