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Mar 20, 2021

Firmware Tonematch T4s and connectivity to L1 Pro 32

L1 Pro 32 & Tonematch T4s

Firmware Ver for Tonematch v 1.1.4


When you dial into into Prefs on the T4s and then scroll to L1, whether you are successfully connected or not, the T4s will inform you as follows: NO CONNECTION. I was informed by tech services in Philippines that this is a firmware glitch that requires correction. This "glitch" caused me great frustration as I was trying to get a good connection between the two devices, which I have posted about twice earlier.


I've got two questions:


1. How could a world class manufacturer of electronic goods put out into the marketplace one of their most expensive products with a glitch like that?


2. When will Bose fix this glitch with a firmware update?


Thanks... Mitch




Re: Firmware Tonematch T4s and connectivity to L1 Pro 32

Hi Mitch!

This issue occurs as the Ethercon pin-out on the T4S is differently configured to that on the T1.

This messaging conflict will not affect functionality in any way, but I have raised this in a ticket to our engineering and development team for updated visibility on this. 

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