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Jun 9, 2021

Firmware for Google Chrome



Bose product name- L1 pro8




Firmware Version 1.0.1



What devices were you using that were affected and what version are they on-Toshiba Laptop with Windows 10 google chrome

Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce-

can download the app it shows up on my screen I click on it to give permission to open up and NOTHING a happens ……I’m not sure how to Launch it to update my firmware 


What environment do you experience the issue in? Home



Any troubleshooting steps you took reinstalled it multiple times and used a different browser ….still nothing !!!! 



Help !! 




Re: Firmware for Google Chrome

Hi Tstamper43,

Welcome to the forum! Sorry to see you're having this problem.

Please could you confirm whether you are using the Bose Updater at btu.bose.com? Once you have agreed to the terms of use and the updater has been installed on your computer, you should be able to click 'Launch' on the webpage:

If the issue persists, please provide a screenshot so we can identify the stage at which the problem occurs.

Hope this helps!

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Aug 1, 2010

Re: Firmware for Google Chrome

Hello TStamper43,


It may actually be running in the background.  I thought mine didn't start but it was "hiding" in the Windows "system tray."


Let's take this step to find out:

  • Look in the Windows "system tray" at the lower right of your screen. (It usually displays the time, date, status of your internet connection, and any notifications.) The default for later versions of Windows is to hide many other icons down there.  Look for an "up arrow" like this: HiddenIconsArrow.jpg 
  • When you click it, a box will pop up to show you all the apps that are running.
  • Look for the Bose logo, it looks like this: BoseUpdaterIcon.jpg  When you pass your mouse pointer over it, it should say "Bose Updater".

If the icon is there, then RIGHT-click it, slide your mouse to the line that says "Launch Bose Updater webpage" and LEFT-click it.  That should open up a new browser window that looks like this:


Then connect the USB cable to your L1 Pro 8 and proceed from there.


If the icon is not there, there are some additional troubleshooting steps we can take to see if we can find and start it manually.


Does that help?