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Jul 21, 2018

Gospel Quartet Setup

We have used a single L1 Model 2 with T1 ToneMatch and B2 Sub as a trio utilizing Ch. 1-3 for vocal mics and Ch. 4/5 for audio tracks ran from an iPad in an Alesis iDock without issue. Now, we are adding a Bass vocalist along with a second L1 Model 2/ T1 ToneMatch/ B2 Sub. I have read several posts concerning splitting 2 vocalists per System (e.g. Ch 1-2 on each T1), but we desire the audio tracks to appear in both units, can you please detail the hookup for this? Also, I have been told you can join the 2 Systems together keeping at least 20 ft. of distance between them to reduce the chance of any potential feedback due to 4 open mics. Could you please detail this hookup? I am most appreciative of any advice and info you could give. Thank you so very much.
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May 21, 2013

Re: Gospel Quartet Setup

Hi TitansOXD,

Yes, you can approach this a few ways:

A)All sources heard everywhere

B)Some sources heard everywhere in mono (other sources split for separation)

With either approach I recommend 20’ separation minimum of the L1s to avoid cancellation or comb filtering issues (both approaches have at least some common sources playing through both L1s).

To connect:

A)(the “criss-cross” method) 1st T1, Tonematch cable to 1st L1, first T1, Master Out to 2nd L1 analog input (on power stand). 2nd T1 Tonematch cable to 2nd L1, 2nd T1 Master Out to 1st L1 analog input

B)Split sources between two T1s. idock stereo out to 1st T1, 4/5, 1st T1, Aux out to 2nd T1 Line IN 4 (4/5 on 1st T1 are summed to mono). Route 1st T1 4/5 to Aux following steps in T1 owner’s guide page 26.

This is kind of a lot to look at in writing. Feel free to call us at 877-335-2673 with the equipment setup and we can talk you through this step by step over the phone. I think approach B will sound the best with the split separation.