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Jul 21, 2018

Re: Harmonizer

RYCowan - can you post a pic of your setup with the T1? I also have the T1 and use the same channels as you for vocals (1) guitar (2) but I am winning my guitar then my harmonized ans use the “guitar thru” from harmonizer to channel two. Are you going direct into Tonematch with your guitar? I’m not grasping what you are doing with using the aux on the channels. Thanks. 

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Aug 1, 2010

Re: Harmonizer

Hello Guitargal58,


I think I can explain RYCowan's setup.  (RYCowan, if I've got this wrong, please let me and Guitargal58 know!)



He is connecting his mic and guitar to Channels 1 & 2, and using the "Preamp Out" 1 & 2 to send the mic and guitar signals on to the harmonizer.  (I think he referred to them as "aux outs" in his post.)  The preamp out jacks on the T1 are just sending the unaltered mic and guitar signals directly from the channel preamps in the T1.  This provides the mic and guitar signals to the harmonizer so it can do its thing.


He is then taking only the harmonized voice (lead vocal muted in the harmonizer) back to T1 channel 3.  The lead vocal and guitar inputs are not passed back to the T1.


So, he's mixing three signals in the T1 to send to the Master Output -- the lead vocal mic in Channel 1, the guitar in Channel 2, and the harmonies in Channel 3.


Does that help?