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Apr 28, 2021

Help with Mic Preamp w/ Pro32

Hello everyone,


Just joined the forum and am relatively new to the Bose family of Portable PA's.


I have a Pro32 and a T4s.


My question is.....which channel should I use for an external Mic Preamp? I've been playing around with different mics and still searching for "my magical" sound. 

What I've tried thus far: Sennheiser e945 thru Cloudlifter into Channel 1 (Tonematch: Shure Beta 87A provided best EQ). This is my best and favorite sound found thus far.


Purchased and returned a Neuman KMS105. Couldn't get a sound equal or better to the setup above. Sounds crazy right? I'm going to credit the Cloudlifter in this scenario.


Purchased a Warm WA12 Preamp and EV RE520 (recommended by engineer at Sweetwater). 


First, ran this setup through channel 5/6 to avoid preamp redundancy. But, it sounded terrible and I didn't have access to any of the other controls the other channels provide.


Second, ran through Channel 1 (tonematch: EV D967). Rolled off some of the bass and mids via zEQ. Sound is pretty good and I'm getting closer to what I'm looking for....but, not quite.


Which channel should I be using? I think I read somewhere that 1 & 2 were the only T4s channels w/preamps? Correct? 


Lastly, if your familiar with preamps with a Pro32 and/or did you go about the trim levels? Right now, I've got my trim level set approx 11 o'clock on the T4s and approx 9 o'clock on the Warm. 


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


BTW - I primarily sing guitar/acoustic sessions. Male singing country music and some classic rock.

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Aug 1, 2010

Re: Help with Mic Preamp w/ Pro32

Hello Dalejbrass,


Channels 1-4 of the T4s all have the same internal preamps, so any of them should be fine.  (I have never heard of only 1 & 2 having preamps.)


There is a great video tutorial on setting trim levels on the T4s here.  As far as setting them on the L1 Pro32, I have no direct experience.  Obviously, it uses a single multifunction knob rather than the separate trim and volume controls of the T4s.


Best of all, you're not afraid to try various combinations of mics with the presets for different ones.  Presets are a starting point, but your ears and what you want to hear will be your best guide.  As you do more testing, experiment with all the T4s has to offer!


Good luck on your quest!