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Oct 17, 2009

How far can I turn the trim control up?

Is it recommended to turn the stand trim control up to the 10 position, and then control the volume with the master volume on my Behringer mixer? The mixer runs in stereo and all my gear is sent through it.

In regard to "How loud will the L1 go?", I plan to set the towers and 6 bass bins up on a sports oval, and turn it up as loud as I can, and go around the field with a Phonic hand-held spectrum analyzer (that has a SPL meter) and record all the settings, and then see how far I can expect to "throw" the music at our gigs.
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Jul 16, 2014

Re: How far can I turn the trim control up?

Hi ozzysteve,

Ideally, we would recommend adjusting the stand’s trim according to the volume level of the connected source:

1. Play the source’s material at the loudest level that you would play it at during a performance.
2. Starting at 0, turn up the trim knob until the trim LED goes red.
3. Turn the trim back down until the trim is as high as it can be without a red LED.

Doing this gives the L1 a strong signal to work with. Of course, this means if you adjust the master level at your mixer you would then have to readjust the trim accordingly.

So, to prevent readjusting the trim each time you change the level at the mixer, set the trim while the mixer’s level is at the highest point that you would have it during the performance. This way, the trim is set for the loudest level it will receive and you can comfortably adjust the mixer’s volume up until that level.

Let us know of any other questions or call us direct at 1-800-335-2673.

Thanks for the question!