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Jun 1, 2018

Hum in S1 Pro

Hi! I have problems with my Bose S1 Pro, when I turn the volume upp on either/booth mic channels it comes some hum and even when I have connected to a mixer or linecable to my computer. The hum don't comes when I only use a mic direct in to the S1 Pro or with bluetooth. 

I have updated to latest firmware without effect. 

Any one that have any idea what it is for problem? 

PS I have 2 of them and same problems in booth....


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Oct 11, 2016

Re: Hum in S1 Pro

Hello Oskar,

Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community. I am sorry you are having trouble with hum when you have other devices connected to your S1 Pro systems.

Are you running the S1 Pro on battery when you hear the hum?

Do you hear the hum if you run the laptop on battery?

What you are describing could be a ground loop or a noisy power supply to your laptop.

You can check the ground loop issue - make sure everything (S1 Pro, mixer, laptop power supply) are all connected to the same AC power source. If the hum goes away, you had a ground loop.

If the hum is still present, run the computer on its internal battery (disconnect the AC power supply). If the hum goes away, the AC power supply is the cause of the problem.

Since you don't hear the hum when you use a microphone connected directly to the S1 Pro systems, the S1s are probably fine.

Please reply to the questions above.

Thank you.

Bose Pro Community Admin

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Sep 3, 2019

Re: Hum in S1 Pro



saw this post and it relates to my issue. I only have a a hum from my pedal board when I run the S1 on battery mode. Once I connect the AC cable the hum is gone. I run a few pedals to the T1 ToneMatch mixer and then to the S1.


What could be the problem here?





Re: Hum in S1 Pro

Hi commonstupid!

This is unusual. Have you tried reseating the S1 Pro battery? 

Also, does the hum persist when you try bypassing the pedalboard?

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