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Jan 28, 2021

Issues with T4S Mixer, PA system and Shure microphones



I am having some issues with my karaoke/PA system setup.  I have searched the forum but was still unable to fix the problems.


My current set up is as followed

I have a Samsung QLED Q70T that is connected via optical wire to an insignia (optical/coaxial digital-to-analog) converter.  I have a red/white RCA stereo cable connected to the converter audio out, while the other end of the cable is a dual 1/4 TRS that is plugged into my channel 3 and 4 of my T4S mixer.   I also have a Shure BLX288/PG58 wireless microphones (2) with receiver.  The Shure receiver is connected to the T4S channels 1 and 2 via XLR microphones cables.  The T4S mixer is connected to my Bose L1 Model 2 PA system via ToneMatch cable.  Everything was purchased new and the T4S firmware was updated to the v1.1.4


1.  Sometimes I do not get sound from the microphones.  Especially if they are used simultaneously.  I have tried playing around with adjusting each individual volumes separately but still no success.  Sometimes the T4S LED light under "1" and "2" turns green, sometimes just white.  Do I need to adjust the channels for the microphones on my Shure receivers to a different frequency?  Make them the same group or channel or different ones for sounds to come out?  There are A-G "groups" and 1-9 "channels" on the Shure receiver.


2.  Sometimes, my PA system will make a muffling/static noise when audio is set to come from the TV.   The TV audio setting is set to "optical "   I would have to turn off my T4S mixer and turn it back on for  static noise to disappear and regular sound to come back on.  That works some of the time.  Other times, I would change my TV audio output  back to "TV speakers" for normal sound to come out of my PA system, but with that, sound will also come out from my TV.  That's a head scratcher for me since the only thing connect to my PA is via optical output from the TV, so sound should technically not come to my PA system while the output is set to "TV speakers"


Please let me know what you think.  TIA



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Dec 31, 2020

Re: Issues with T4S Mixer, PA system and Shure microphones

Hi Dean,


Here's a few things I think you could try or verify.


1) check that your TV audio output is set to PCM format (should be an option somewhere in your audio settings menu)

2) check your input gain settings on the T4S (set rotary selector to Prefs and use the input level meters)

3) check batteries in the mics

4) mute or preferably disconnect the TV while verifying the Shure transmitter and receiver(s) functionality.

5) there is a ToneMatch setting under "handheld microphones" for a Shure SM58 that should be good for your PG58s

6) Once you have your BLX288 and PG58s working consistently through the T4S/L1 PA then reintroduce the TV connection on inputs 3 and 4

7) disable any effects you may have configured on the T4S while troubleshooting.  You might have to adjust some channel/group settings on your Shure system if you are still having drop-out issues