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Mar 19, 2020

L1 Classic Input intermittent



I've enjoyed my L1 Classic for some time and a few months ago it stopped working with the unfortunate power supply diode failure.  As all know, Bose does not support this unit so I took it to an electronics repair shop here in San Diego.  The tech said he had done a number of these units and diagnosed and repaired the unit.  


I took the unit home, set it up, and started playing.  It sounded great and I thought my problems were behind me.  I powered the unit off.  A few minutes later I returned and powered the unit up and much to my surprise I got no output from the unit!  Now's where it gets interesting....


So, I have the level lights blinking correctly at the pre-amp next to the XLR input jacks indicating that the output is good from the mixer to the preamp.  BUT, I have no level lights blinking on the remote control.  Those lights would always mimic the lights next to the XLR jacks.  The power amps are all working correctly as I can input a signal there and get correct output.  


So, the input signal chain is disrupted between the preamp and the DSP. My only guess is that the cable between those boards was not plugged in completely and that it fails/disconnects after warming up or relaxing or???  And it happened to reconnect when I broke the system down to take back to the shop.


When I took the unit back to the place that serviced it, the base unit was working correctly! The lights at the remote worked fine and the signal path restored somehow.   He input the signal with a 1/4" jack rather than XLR.  We powered the unit on and off and couldn't get it to fail at the shop.  I'm going to take my mixer and sub up there to exactly replicate my full system to see if we can get it to fail at the shop.


Has anyone experiences a similar issue?  Any ideas other than loose cable that might be intermittent?  I'm leaning in that direction since those cables had to be unplugged to fix the power supply issue.   And I obviously had no intermittent issues prior to that.


Thanks for any thoughts.





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May 25, 2004

Re: L1 Classic Input intermittent

Hi Dave,


The first thing that comes to mind is a damaged XLR connection, broken wire or solder joint. That based on the repairman using 1/4 input and you using XLR.


There is some history of the bass module cables failing at one or more pinch points in the connector. If a wire is broken it can cause intermittent breaks in the output. Fairly easy to open, trim and reassemble he connectors.