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Sep 5, 2020

L1 Classic still a viable and powerful system

There are a LOT of portable "line array" systems out now. Too many, I think. However, Bose created and popularized the trend. Many have followed, but let's be honest, Bose makes the better of the systems. No matter the model or size, sound is still Bose.  I have purchased many brands and in every situation, those brands have come up short on volume, sound quality, and long term value.

The Model 1 Classic is still the best for sound quality and sheer volume and sound dispersion. Last year, I used ONE system in a zoo. Just one system!  It covered over half the zoo. I was astonished to walk all around and still hear the system. Granted I had the volume up to 75%, but even so, still clear and heard all around. So many compliments from patrons and some DJs and musicians in attendence who never knew the L1 Classic could project that well and be so loud.

I have since aquired another system after selling off all my compact systems that don't fully cover outdoor gigs properly with spatial and volume headroom. Sometimes compact and portable does not always fit the bill unless you are doing very small gigs in small and tight spaces.

My point is the L1 Classic is still a viable and very capable system after all these years.