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Nov 13, 2019

L1 Compact no sound

I read another post earlier about a L1 Compact owner with the same problem I have from time to time.  There is no sound when my guitar is plugged in. I have to jiggle the volume control a bit and turn the unit off and on, before the sound comes back. I never know when this is going to happen and it is as bit embarrassing when I'm about to perform and the sound goes out on me.   Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated!



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May 11, 2020

Re: L1 Compact no sound

Hi Lawrence,

I'm sorry you've got this intermittent problem getting sound from your guitar through the L1 Compact.

That sounds like a hardware issue and the L1 Compact will have to be serviced by Bose Support.

Here's how you can contact them.

Bose® Product & Technical Support at (877) 335-2673
(U.S. and Canada only)
Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM ET
Other regions