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Sep 3, 2019

L1 Compact with one extension?

Does anybody know why the Bose L1 Compact manual states if extensions are used, both need to be used? It seems to work fine with one extension.

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May 11, 2020

Re: L1 Compact with one extension?

Hi Andreas,

If you're getting the results you want with one extension, that's great.

Here's what Bose has said about this.

Q: Why does Bose say that I have to use both extensions?

A: You can use either or both extensions but we didn't see applications where there are advantages to using one so we don't promote it that way.
Source: Ken-at-Bose

  • Extended Position
    Recommended for larger audiences, the extended position allows users to elevate the L1 Compact loudspeaker array, enabling it to project sound clearly and evenly throughout larger venues. Included with the L1 Compact system are two interlocking L1 Compact extensions used to elevate the array.
  • Collapsed Position
    Recommended for smaller audiences, the collapsed position allows the L1 Compact loudspeaker array to be inserted in the front of the power stand, creating a very small profile. When used in this position, the system should be placed on top of a table or elevated stage. This will allow sound to project clearly and evenly throughout the room.

Source: Eric-at-Bose

For optimal performance we recommend using both extensions when the system is set up in its Extended position.

Source: Neil-at-Bose

Source: L1® Compact Extensions