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Jul 29, 2020

L1 Model 2 Single Speaker/Drive Replacement

The bottom speaker in the top portion of my L1 Model 2 is having a buzzing/fuzz sound that can be heard mainly on clean guitar/vocals/low-end bass. We tried different cables, running a T4S and a T8S, and going straight from guitar into the analog input but the sound remained. We began to take off the 4 screws on each side of the top line array and it appears to be glued down or extremely difficult to get off. Rather than attempting it myself, I had two questions. 


1. What are the exact type of speakers that are in that model?

2. How do I go about getting them replaced or fixed?





Re: L1 Model 2 Single Speaker/Drive Replacement

Hi CJ,

Welcome to the forum, thanks for joining us! I'm sorry to hear you're having this problem with the L1 model II. There would certainly appear to be a fault with your system.


Bose are able to offer either a repair or replacement outside of warranty for the L1 Model II speaker arrays. For more info, I recommend contacting Bose's Pro Portable support team on 877 335 2673.

Hope this helps!