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Dec 28, 2020

L1 Model II Misc Sound Quality

Anyone use the model II to do small to medium sized gigs?  The high frequency limit of the L1 is listed at 12 kHz, which seems pretty low to any of you users notice your model II sounding dull, or does it sound fine to your ears in a live setting?  Also, can you use the model II at a low volume level for a smallish venue/group without it sounding too wimpy and held back?  Please advise...


Re: L1 Model II Misc Sound Quality

Hey Smitty,

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The L1 model II system is designed to be used with audiences of several hundred people, but can also be used for smaller shows.

At louder volumes, high frequencies in a mix become less noticeable as the lower frequencies are more powerful. My two cents - the L1 Model II is a very 'clear' sounding system, with plenty of detail in the top end. I hope other members of the community can also share their experiences with this system regarding sound quality.

For more information on the technical specs of the L1 Model II, you may find this document useful.

Hope this helps!

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Mar 12, 2018

Re: L1 Model II Misc Sound Quality

I can second that. The Model II is definitely "clear" sounding! I use it for gigs of all sizes, from inside a quiet lobby to chatty bars and restaurants to noisy carnivals. The Model II tackles them all with ease. It never sounds wimpy at lower volumes. You may need minimal EQ'ing depending on the room, but nothing major. I struggled a long time whether to take my Compact or my Model II to the smaller gigs. I used the Compact for the longest time at one particular small venue and one day the owner asked me to bring a bigger sound for a party. I brought in the Model II and to make a long story short, I now take the Model II everywhere, even the small ones, knowing it will sound awesome, and take the Compact and leave it in the car as a backup PA.