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Mar 31, 2010

L1 Pro 8 - no sound from top column

Used my Bose l1 Pro 8 for the first time this weekend.  Coming out of my Rane mixer using XLR and going to each speaker to line 1. I noticed one of my speakers only had sound coming from the bass unit. I nearly had a heart attack but quickly decided to troubleshoot.  I powered the speaker off and back on and still nothing.  I then took the top column off and then reconnected it.  That seemed to do the trick even though I didn't notice that the column was not inserted correctly in the first place.  Anyone else have this issue?  The speaker worked fine the rest of the night but I'm more curious to see if this has happened to anyone else or do I just need to be extra careful making sure I have a nice tight fit when setting these up.  


Re: L1 Pro 8 - no sound from top column

Hey Joe,

When using the L1 Pro systems, make sure that the speaker array is pushed into the Powerstand until you have a secure connection. 

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