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Sep 19, 2019

L1 Pro 8 output

I bought one. Like what I heard so far. Had to retweek the EQ. I'm coming in from a L1 Compact. I play with another acoustics guitarist. I didn't want to connect directly into the sub because I we use mixers. So the app thing would be a waste.  The way the array connects to the sub is a little weak IMO but doable being that I will be the only one setting it up. It would have been nice if the bag for he array had a shoulder strap. But the bag is  made very well. They used really nice material. They gave you a bag for them but not the sub......odd....... Must want to keep the cost down...... Output..........I found the output was louder using analog  that the digital wire. I may not use it because I bought the power pack for my T4 and T8 mixers. Not interested in ToneMatch or the bluetooth major upgrade for me.......I may go to a taylor to see if they can sew a shoulder strap. maybe not.....



L1 Pro 8




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