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Jun 25, 2020

L1 compact cutting out and popping

My L1 compact has just randomly started cutting out for a minute, coming back on for a few mins then cutting out again, accompanied with some aggressive sounding pops and cracks. It's about 9years old! Never missed a beat so it's quite random to start doing this now.. Any ideas? 


Re: L1 compact cutting out and popping

Hi Gaius and welcome to the Bose Pro-Portable Community!


Sorry to hear about your L1 Compact. Does the issue occur on all inputs? My first thoughts are that it could be a faulty input cable, have you tried using a new input cable to rule this out?


If the issue is not resolved by checking the above, I highly recommend that you contact Bose Technical Support as the system may need a repair.


You can access the support channels HERE


Let me know if this helps.